Guild Health Group provides program development and support to the healthcare and emergency management sectors. Our expertise boosts staff confidence, enabling compliance and alignment with established standards in disaster response and recovery.

We provide research, training and documentation in hazard/risk assessment, emergency program management, building of response, recovery and continuity plans, staff training and exercises, operational support to incident command and emergency operations, and community systems integration.

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Organization / Healthcare Facility EM Program Management

  • Familiarization for EM/POC Assignee
  • Review of existing documentation
  • Courses research and recommendation
  • Development of facility program

  • Review Plans for CMS Compliance/Healthcare System Integration
    • Emergency Response Plan/Hazard-Specific Annexes/Policies
    • Emergency Preparedness Communications Plan
    • Emergency Preparedness Training & Testing Program Plan
    • Business Continuity (Private) or Continuity of Operations Plan
    • Devolution Plan
  • Plans Drafting, Revision/Update
    • Survey Facility Stakeholders
    • Review External Stakeholders/Jurisdictional Plans
    • Review AAR’s from Prior Training and Exercises
    • Draft Baseline, Hazard-Specific Annexes and Appendices

  • Assess Emergency Preparedness Training and Testing Program/Plan
  • Assess Hazard Vulnerability/Risk Assessments
  • Review Stakeholder Calendars
  • Conduct New Employee Emergency Preparedness Orientation Training
  • Conduct Incident Command Team Orientation Training
  • Conduct Emergency Operations Center Training
  • Conduct Continuity Program Training
  • Conduct Emergency Management Systems Training – WEBEOC (Public Only), Az Health Alert Network
  • Conduct Workshops – Communications Systems, Strategic National Stockpile, Stakeholder
  • Plans/Expectations, Standards of Care, Active Shooter, Shelter-in-Place
  • Develop Discussion-Based Exercises (Table-Top, Workshops) – HSEEP Format, Support Exercise Planning Team Activities
  • Develop Operations-Based Exercises (Drills, Functional, Full-Scale Exercises) – HSEEP, Support Exercise Planning Team Activities
  • Facilitate Exercises
  • Evaluate Exercises
  • Draft Post-Exercise After-Action Report/Improvement Plans
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Specialized Environment EM Support

  • Familiarization for EM/POC Assignee
  • Provide Client Familiarization of Local/Regional Healthcare Systems, Communications Tools and Emergency Response Partners
  • Conduct Assessments on Current Integration Plans/Opportunities
  • Support Jurisdictional Surveys, Program and Pandemic Plan Development – ex. Non-Congregate Sheltering, Isolation and Quarantine, Community Intervention and Implementation
  • Support Data Collection and Facilitate After-Action Reports of Real-World Healthcare Crisis Response
  • Conduct Research and Provide Visibility of Community-Based Emergency Planning/Response Activities for Client Participation
  • Conduct Strategic National Stockpile Familiarization, Support Planning, Documentation, Training and Exercise
  • Support Pre-Disaster Supply Chain Planning and Acquisition

  • Provide Spectrum of Healthcare Emergency Response (Risk Assessment, Planning Development, Staff Training, Exercising, Documentation, After Action) Support to Correctional Facilities/Agencies and Schools
  • Review Existing Documentation for Coordination With/Integration of Jurisdictional Response and Recovery Plans
  • Support Communications Systems (Emergency Management, Crisis Communications,
  • Communications Security, Healthcare Network, Resource Reporting) Familiarization and Plans Integration
  • Conduct Critical Infrastructure Key Resources Assessments
  • Support Facility Emergency Support Function 8 Response/Recovery Support Functions
  • Conduct Research regarding Correctional Environment Healthcare Trends and Mitigations

  • Assess Current Emergency Management Program; provide feedback and recommendations for update
  • Support Jurisdictional Initiatives and Grant Deliverables through production of plans documents, completion of surveys, development of action plans
  • Facilitate/Provide Administrative Support to Local Emergency Planning Committee Meetings

  • Establish Library of Multi-jurisdictional Guidance, Plans Documents and Current Initiatives to Inform Client Training and Documentation
  • Attend Local Response/Recovery Planning Meetings in Stakeholder Capacity, providing summary and implied tasks
  • Monitor Jurisdictional Websites/Social Media to provide visibility of Hazards/Executive Orders/Trends/Services/Clinics
  • Review Internal Client Policies for Alignment with Current Policy and Guidance
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Operational Support

  • Provide operational support/augmentation to Incident Command Team/Emergency Operations Center

  • Facilitate meeting preparation, presentation, and documentation
  • Support Annual Conference planning and activities
  • Support exercise planning, delivery, and associated documentation

  • Support jurisdictional programs with planning, training, exercise support, documentation
  • Support jurisdictional partners with planning, training, exercise support and documentation
  • Support selection/certification of warehousing facility
  • Support real-world distribution with planning and operations support
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